The name of my band in high school was…

How does this work? The “band name” needs to come up in normal conversation. It doesn’t work if you think too hard about it.
Perhaps an example:
Nora (while riding bike): Hey dad – how many hills do we have left?
Me: Four.
Nora (after topping first hill): So, we’ve finished about a quarter of the suck?
Me: Quarter of Suck was the name of my band in high school.

The name of my band in high school was…

Speed Hump Ahead

Dip in the Jet Steam

Pick up the Trash

Salty Boys

Bunched Fists

Extra Smooth

Mountain Shrimp

Maternity Jorts

Shooting With the Mormons

Levitating Taco

Breakfast Meat

Megachurch Angst

Mouse Kitchen Timer

Fresh Donuts at the Circle K


Zucchini in the Mouse Bowl

Make Room For Mom

Long, Slow Suck

Washi Tape Escape

Unzip the Chasm

Delicious Secretions

Sweaty for Math

Vital Wheat Gluten

Chickpeas for Satan

Flexible Tartlets

Vegan Technical

Anything Banana

The Thing About Moon Pies

The Turkey Got The Best Of Me

Terrible Raspberry Amalgamation

Gently Used Salad Bowls